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10 Worst Fashion Choices for a First Date

You need to wisely choose the clothes that you wear on a date. Clothing is especially important when you are just starting your relationships or finding a wife online. It should be convenient for you, and not a single thing should send hidden signals. In a word, it is clear that the image must be thought out. So, let’s see what can’t be worn on the first date.

How to Prepare for a Date 

Everyone wants to make an unforgettable impression on their first date, so your look should also be impressive. And usually fashion borders on such a thing as a well-groomed appearance. Therefore, it is important to watch yourself, and then everyone will like you. It especially concerns men who are looking for single women for dating.

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to hygiene. Your hair should be clean. Bad body odors will be unpleasant for your partner, so ideally, it is advisable to take a shower and brush your teeth before a date. Particular attention must be paid to the nails: both on the hands and the feet.
  • Stylish accessories. A small stylish detail in your outfit can significantly improve your style in the eyes of a partner because it will show that you pay attention to details.
  • Wardrobe items should be chosen according to the theme of the date, season, and weather. The main thing to remember is that clothes should be clean and ironed.

Say No to…

1. Vibrant colors and prints

If you have a first date, that is, you are only at the initial stage of a relationship, then try to avoid bright neon colors in your clothes as well as tiny prints and applications. Still, people don’t want to go on dates with infantile children, and your clothes can simply scare them away!

2. Dirty clothes 

Even those who are quite democratic about clothes and believe that there can be no strict rules are sure that there is an exception – dirty clothes. They can’t be dirty or wrinkled if you want to attract a person.

3. Slogans

Don’t go on a date in a T-shirt with a funny or vulgar text. Not everyone has the same sense of humor as you do, so avoid that mistake. This will be inappropriate and may cause negativity between you. 

4. Branded clothing 

Avoid clothing with brand logos. The presence of the logo of a famous brand will speak about a person. And your partner may think that you just want to brag about it.

5. Completely black outfit 

Even when black is in fashion, don’t put on it from head to toe. If your wardrobe is mostly black clothes, try to dilute it with other colors: white, gray, red.

6. Too tight clothes

In too tight clothes, it will be difficult to feel confident. It hinders movements and gives a feeling of constant anxiety. Such behavior will interfere with natural communication, and the impression will be greatly spoiled.

7. Oversized clothes

The other extreme in clothes also doesn’t look attractive at all. A baggy outfit that hides the body makes your image sloppy and unattractive.

8. Clothes you don’t usually wear

Don’t choose clothes in which friends wouldn’t recognize you. Don’t present yourself as someone you are not. You shouldn’t feel in clothes uncomfortable. Your first date outfit should reflect your personality. 

9. Sunglasses 

Eyes are a window into the soul; don’t block it with glasses. Of course, designer glasses will decorate anyone, but on the first date, such an accessory will prevent you from feeling close. With glasses, you seem inaccessible, so leave it at home.

10. A catchy pattern 

Too bright, a distracting pattern will not be a good solution – it makes it difficult to concentrate on you. If you choose an outfit for a date, don’t choose something with a large pattern.