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Love During the Lockdown: How to Make It Work

The quarantine can be a real test for couples if you decide to isolate yourself. Previously, you constantly walked, went on dates, and hung out with friends. But now you can only see each other through the phone screen. Or, conversely, you live together and now spend all your time only together. This is difficult, but it can be handled.  

How to Save Love in a Long-Distance Relationship

During quarantine, many couples are forced to live separately. The reasons are different, for example, they live in different cities, or they have not yet had time to get together, etc. In such conditions, you need to follow the advice of psychologists to prevent love from fading away.

1. Video calling

In the age of the Internet, it is easy to communicate via instant messengers. Call each other and communicate. Many experts believe that such relationships, on the contrary, can be strengthened because you will miss each other much more. By the way, many men found single girls online on the Internet.

2. Use hooks in communication

Hooks are topics that are very interesting to a man or a woman. For example, you communicate with a partner during isolation but don’t know what to say. This happens to everyone, so don’t reproach yourself and don’t think that it’s over. The solution is simple – you need to let your partner talk on favorite topics.

3. Flirt

Give compliments, send playful photos, in general, improvise. Be cheerful. Bring optimism to your relationships. If you do so, then your loved one will easily handle quarantine even though you are not together.

4. Go to impromptu dates

It can be a Netflix joint viewing or Skype dinner. Show your imagination, come up with something of your own that you would like to do. Thus, you spend time together and get rid of the household routine.

How to Stay Together 24/7

Are you stuck at home with your soulmate wondering how to keep your relationship strong during quarantine? No matter how much you are in love, being together 24/7 is tiring and a test for any relationship. Therefore, it is so important to establish boundaries and learn to hear each other – this will be useful after quarantine.

1. Think over a schedule

For example, until 6 p.m., you study and work, and then you can watch TV shows or do sports. It’s easier for people when they have some kind of structure in life, so it’s useful to make a schedule. For example, sit down together on weekends and think over a schedule for the week ahead. So you will not interfere with each other and remain productive.

2. Remember that you are different

Try not to forget that everyone copes life situations in their own way. Maybe you think that you need to take the opportunity and listen to all available lectures, and your soulmate prefers to spend all free time playing video games. You don’t have to do everything together. Do what you want. 

3. Avoid quarrels

When you spend a lot of time locked up, you will definitely quarrel, this is normal. But quarreling in quarantine is difficult as before: you can’t go to friends and let off steam or, at least, go to the store to take a walk and calm down. Thus, it can be harder and longer to put up, so try to avoid conflicts whenever possible.

4. Respect each other’s space

To keep your relationship strong during quarantine, respect each other’s space. Give your partners time to step back and have time for themselves. Not being in the same place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will be a key part of the fact that you can survive this quarantine without losing the quality of the relationship.

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